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This game is super good! I'm very invested, and cannot wait till Chaper Four.

Is chapter 3 the last one? Or will there be more chapters?

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The author lost all their work on the previous chapters thanks to a fatal hardware failure... as well as all the work that had been done so far on future chapters. While the game was never canceled outright, I would say the odds of it ever being finished are slim.

way when i click to ``continue `` it' s not rspndn m i mss somthng ??

i do not know what to do next ? i found a key but what i shoud do with it ?


Is this still being worked on or abandoned?


can someone tell me where's the setting in this game?


is chapter 4 gonna be released in this spring? 

Um, i just started chapter 3 and i'm not sure as what to do... could someone help me?

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what do you need? If i remember correctly you need to find key in plant and unlock left door

is chapter 4 gonna be released soon? 

Was this made in VX Ace?

It's made in XP I believe.

Looks more like VX Ace to me?

Look in the screenshots. The XP logo is in it. Also their game is posted on which it states that the engine is  XP. I know you love to convert games to VX ACE to MV or vise versa, but no it isn't either of them. 

Huh, didn't know that's what the icon for VX looked like.