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Good girls don’t cry.
They bear hardship with serenity.

Reine is an ordinary schoolgirl whose life has been trying recently. Still, she tries to be optimistic and face each day with hope. 

One rainy night, she is approached by Ruaridh, a stranger who tells her she is the Savior that can help them defeat the evil Emperor taking over his world. Agreeing, she lets herself gets whisked away into a magical land aptly called “Fantasia” - but wait, she swears she’s heard of this kind of story before…

During her journey through this magical world, she meets Varron, a no-nonsense knight who plays by his own rules; Alaric, the gentlemanly crown prince; and Sorley, the feisty guardian with a sharp tongue, and makes many new friends. Will she succeed in her magical quest? Will she find love?

Or will she be brutally murdered, alone and friendless, in this fantasy land riddled with dangers?

Play as Reine, an unremarkable girl with bad luck, and only you can determine her fate in this mysterious land seems to want something from you. Something which you might not be able to give. 


Fantasy Euthanasia is an otome visual novel with 9 routes and both male and female love interests. Will you find love and save the world? 


Details and demo coming soon! 

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Can't wait for this one <3 X3

will there be gameplay outside of typical visual novel fare?


For now there are no such plans due to limited budget, but I do have hopes of adding RPG style battles to it! 

thank you for answering.