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Dear Mariko is a simple game about a girl who comes home to find a goodbye letter from her beloved. Suddenly, the doorknob starts rattling...

Spanish version also available!



After a year, Dear Mariko: Crimson, the pay-what-you-want version has been released, thanks very much to the efforts of @baka-baru, who graciously helped with the game! This version has brand new character and CG art, and an additional short playable epilogue with 4 endings, shedding a little light on the overarching story as a whole, as a stinger towards a future game.

Feel free to think of this extension as a 'tip-jar' of sorts for everyone who has enjoyed the free games I have made so far. All proceeds will partly go to the lovely @baka-baru and to the development of Mica: Apoptosis. Everyone who has donated to Dear Mariko before Crimson's release will get a complimentary copy - just shoot me an email at coren.baili@gmail.com. Please do send all bug reports to that email as well. Thank you all once again for your support!

The Free version includes:
* The full main story
* 3 endings
* 3 CGs

The Crimson version ($1.50 or more) includes:

* Brand new character and CG art
* An additional epilogue
* Double the gameplay
* 7 endings


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Dear Mariko - Free Version 11 MB
Dear Mariko - Crimson 14 MB
if you pay $3.50 USD or more


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I was not expecting that ending at all. This was a very good game.

good horror game ,normal ending is like the best out of the three


That twist genuinely caught me off guard. Loved it. Excellent little horror game, I will definitely be picking up the Crimson version in the near future. 


the free version is nice~

Here's my video on it.

Could you maybe make a guide to the endings? Also, after reaching the epilouge, it won't let me use the "start" button any more, only the "load".


how do i get the good ending i cant hide the letter?

if ur playing the free version, there is no good ending, oni true normal n bad ending. For bad u needa grab a knife n hide in cupboard


Is there a way to make it full screen?


I didn't get what happened tho. If that girl was Mariko then why is she acting so crazy?



Thanks for playing! The answer is that she was not so much acting crazy as much as she is determined to confront her boyfriend's stalker. She has the right to act in self-defense in her own home, and from the stuck door she knows immediately that the stalker is in her home.  


I played the free ver and Iiked  how the story ended like...  haha XD

Ive been trying to load your game on Linux through Wine, and the text doesnt show, probably because I dont have the font on my computer.
Could you tell me which font you used on the dialog so I can download it, please?


Hi, it should be Georgia! 

(1 edit)

Hey, how can I change  the language? (to Spanish)

played the free version and I enjoyed it! ^_^


Played the free version so far and I'm diggin it. :) May try the full in the future. 


why is the game taking 4+ hours to download? -.-


Hi! That would likely be an internet connection issue. The game is very small and will not take long to download.